Saturday, 10 February 2018

Reseller business

Selling web hosting space to web masters. It is a multibillion dollar industry and with thousands of new people joining the Internet everyday, they need space to host their websites.
There are many different ways to go if we decide to do reselling, but we may consider purchasing a reseller account to get our feet wet and decide if this business is for us.
A reseller account is basically an account on a current web hosting server. They sell us a portion of their resources so we can create our own accounts and resell them to our customers.
We are typically responsible for our own customer support, accounting, marketing, etc. But, the best thing is the company we buy the resources from takes care of the server and the network.
The company we purchase our account from should set us up with an application to create accounts. The most popular one is cPanel, which runs on Linux servers. 

Once we have become more familiar with the industry, we may consider going to a dedicated server scenario where we run everything about the server and network. But, if we are new to the business, we really can't go wrong with reseller hosting.

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