Saturday, 10 February 2018

Potential of reseller programe

A reseller program is as simple as it seems. We become a retailer for a particular company. This is different from an affiliate program because we set our own prices, in some cases we even handle the billing of our customers and then we are charged by the supplying company for what we sell.

We sign up for a web hosting reseller program for example. That company will then tell us what we are allowed to sell for their products and how much they charge us for each account.

We can create a website and we put the products on our website. A customer signs up for the service through our website and we take payment.

We need to go to our reseller control panel and enter all the customer’s information and the supplying company then sets them up for the hosting program they opt.

There many other opportunities in reselling however. Some of the hosting companies will provide us with a website and all we do it build it to our liking and set our prices.

Others will just let us know which of their products we can sell and how much they charge us. Then we need to go in and enter all the customer’s information when we make a sale.

One difference between a reseller program and an affiliate program is the fact that when a customer signs up we have access to that customer’s information. Now we can work to build our mailing list this way in addition to other ways we may be using.

if we are an affiliate we usually do not get residual income, as the reseller we do. Some of the sites offer both affiliate and reseller programs.

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