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Start a reseller business

Why & How can we start a Reseller Web Hosting Business in India or anywhere in the world ?
Simply put Reseller Hosting business is one where we take a whole sale account i.e. a larger disk space account from a host who is running a dedicated web server.

Reselling Web hosting and related services can be a low maintenance, high profit way to online success. Reseller programs allow businesses to lease servers, connections and bandwidth from established hosting firms, but brand the product as their own.
  • Some of biggest hosting companies simply resell the products of bigger companies because it cuts down on staffing and equipment expenses in exchange for a reasonable fee.
  • Reselling Web hosting Services is a low maintenance business
  • we require only one plan to start up which means very low start up cost.
  • Constant recurring income & growth every month
  • No Infrastructure required. We can start business from our home. All we need is a PC & an internet connection to start.
  • Global reach, we can sell our services to anyone across the globe. The whole world is our market.
  • Minimum Documentation & Paper work required to start. We can start in minutes.
  • No technical knowledge required, We’ll handle everything for us.
  • Automated Model: Order Processing & Billing can be completely automated.
  • Highly Profitable Business: Ever increasing demand. Web Hosting in India is witnessing 300 % growth.Expansion possibility without Heavy investment.
  • Monthly Recurring Income with high profitability: No limits on how much we want to earn, only Sky is the limit.
We get a Master Control Panel which is also referred as Reseller Control Panel. We can sub divide the space, with the kind of available resources we have and assign a separate control panel and space to our clients.

When we buy a reseller hosting account we really don’t have to worry about the security & management of the server as it becomes our host’s responsibility, however supporting our customers and assisting them with their day to day support queries is our responsibility.

We’ll be able to manage most of our reseller web hosting customer’s queries by our own For issues which we could not resolve by our own, we can always go to our host and seek their assistance and depending on the policies & if the issues is a client specific or server specific our host must be able to resolve it.

Unlimited money through reseller

Web hosting can be an exciting business start up for aspiring entrepreneurs. All we have to do to set up our business is become a hosting reseller, i.e., provide hosting facilities to website owners.

Resellers are nothing but entrepreneurs acting as middlemen, offering us hosting services by leasing time and space from another Web host's server rather than owning their own.
Reseller hosting business can be quite a profit making venture once we understand the figures and profit margins involved. Let us go through them. One can buy around 1000 MB space from a major web host at a cost of few dollars per month.

It is seen that a typical user uses less than half of the allotted web space. which means we can double or even triple sell our quota and make unlimited wealth.

We do the work once. and get paid for it over and over. All we are doing is buying space from a major web hosting company and becoming a reseller host.

We can earn additional residual incomes by adding recruiting more resellers through us. By doing this we will earn regular commissions on their monthly sales. isn't this smart business.
The profit margins in the business of reseller hosting is quite good and we can start on this exciting business venture even if we do not have the required expertise and access to funds for setting up the required infrastructure.

A true Web host is limited by its hardware, if a client suddenly requires an upgrade the host is not prepared for, the only way the host will be able to satisfy the customer is by upgrading its hardware expensive and time consuming for both sides.

Reseller hosting means

The term Reseller according to the dictionary means to sell again i.e. to sell a product or service to the public or to an end user, especially as an authorized dealer, while making sure that we make a profit on the sale.
Reseller hosting is no different either, a reseller buys a Web hosting package from a hosting company and tries to sell it independently. The profit for the reseller lies in either the discount or in the commission she or he gets from selling an account.
When we refer potential customers to the hosting company. If the customer signs up with the company then we earn a small recurring commission until the customer uses the services.
Most web hosting companies try to outsource their services to resellers as it helps them to extend their business reach without the cost of marketing and sales and also helps them to concentrate on the business side of things.

As a reseller we can decide what kinds of services we can sell. We can provide shared, dedicated or co-location web hosting or merchant accounts, store fronts etc.

If we go with hosting then it might be useful to offer some other hosting related services like domain names, search engines etc.
Of course, if we have problems selling these value added services in the beginning then we can sell them later.
The cost of becoming a reseller and the equipment and people required in order to be successful depends on many factors.
If we just plan to earn commission by referring people to the hosting company by using the Internet, then we do not have to put up a lot of money, all we need is an Internet ready PC and an Internet connection.
All that is needed is a decent computer that can manage the accounts of customers and a good Internet connection.It is advisable to start small if we are very new to the concept of web hosting and reselling. Then we can expand as we go on and start getting more and more customers in which case offering domain registration is also a very good way to make profits.
If we have the money and the experience then we can go as far as buying all the server equipment required, in which case we will also be responsible for all the server maintenance costs.
The best thing about being a reseller is that we do not require a lot of upfront investment.
There is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge. Account management and Internet skills are all that is required. However, it would be really handy

Potential of reseller programe

A reseller program is as simple as it seems. We become a retailer for a particular company. This is different from an affiliate program because we set our own prices, in some cases we even handle the billing of our customers and then we are charged by the supplying company for what we sell.

We sign up for a web hosting reseller program for example. That company will then tell us what we are allowed to sell for their products and how much they charge us for each account.

We can create a website and we put the products on our website. A customer signs up for the service through our website and we take payment.

We need to go to our reseller control panel and enter all the customer’s information and the supplying company then sets them up for the hosting program they opt.

There many other opportunities in reselling however. Some of the hosting companies will provide us with a website and all we do it build it to our liking and set our prices.

Others will just let us know which of their products we can sell and how much they charge us. Then we need to go in and enter all the customer’s information when we make a sale.

One difference between a reseller program and an affiliate program is the fact that when a customer signs up we have access to that customer’s information. Now we can work to build our mailing list this way in addition to other ways we may be using.

if we are an affiliate we usually do not get residual income, as the reseller we do. Some of the sites offer both affiliate and reseller programs.

Reseller business

Selling web hosting space to web masters. It is a multibillion dollar industry and with thousands of new people joining the Internet everyday, they need space to host their websites.
There are many different ways to go if we decide to do reselling, but we may consider purchasing a reseller account to get our feet wet and decide if this business is for us.
A reseller account is basically an account on a current web hosting server. They sell us a portion of their resources so we can create our own accounts and resell them to our customers.
We are typically responsible for our own customer support, accounting, marketing, etc. But, the best thing is the company we buy the resources from takes care of the server and the network.
The company we purchase our account from should set us up with an application to create accounts. The most popular one is cPanel, which runs on Linux servers. 

Once we have become more familiar with the industry, we may consider going to a dedicated server scenario where we run everything about the server and network. But, if we are new to the business, we really can't go wrong with reseller hosting.

What is reseller hosting

Reseller hosting refers to hosting service in which the service provider is actually an account holder in a shared hosting plan, whereby they splits up his allotted disk space and bandwidth to resell web hosting.

Reseller hosts do not generally hold responsibility for maintaining and running host server. That job is catered to by actual owner of host server who sells hosting space for reseller hosting.

It is indeed possible that in a single host server, several reseller hosting plans are running concurrently, each of which catering further to any number of websites down the line.

Reseller hosting account caters to in house needs. To illustrate, let us consider the following examples:
  • A webmaster may require a network of websites under different domain names to serve different business plans, but all are hosted under a common reseller hosting account. It is not uncommon to find a web business running more than one website for different purposes.
  • A company owns different domain names for assorted departments, all linked to a single reseller hosting account. A large company allots different websites for different brands it owns.
  • If we have decided to start reseller hosting as a business, we may want to become an unnamed franchisee of a parent hosting company. All we need is to buy a suitable reseller hosting plan and thereafter float our own website that will cater to end customers.
  • A reseller hosting account cuts down our overhead expenses, we may still need to advertise heavily to sell our hosting plans. For a start, we need to focus on getting customers in the city we live or from our immediate locality.
 A reseller hosting account accrues significant benefits over both short and long term. Other than hiring charge, there are no additional expense on account of hosting.fixed costs by very nature is predictable, reseller hosting is a help for longterm cost layout, specially for small hosting companies.

About successful reseller business

Many of the web hosting companies fail every month and most of them are small sized or reseller business.

Start our company after doing a thorough research on web hosting and domain name business. Our research work should consist of subjects like,what will be our company name and domain name?

Research for the reseller business is must whether we go for reseller account or virtual private server or dedicated box select or design a unique web site content of our website hosting plans, this is very important that you put your research more on this point.

Hosting Plans which we are going to offer to our customers are most important aspect of our business. We need to carefully design each hosting plan and the resources which we are going to offer to them.

Pricing of hosting plans has to be competitive. We need to keep in mind that we have to generate money as well because we will need to pay month recurring bills in the form of reseller account server etc. The mode of payment and billing cycle is also very important.

Design our website content with original work only. Originality will always gets attention of our site visitors. The same applies to our web site's template. A site template should also be unique.

We need to keep in mind that our web hosting . We need to put efforts to bring visitors to our shop. Once good flow of visitors start coming, the sale of our products and services starts too.

We need to promote our website in search engines and directories. There are number of web hosting directories which can be a good start for our new business.

Types of reseller hosting

The reseller acts as an agent for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller as being with the actual web hosting company.
People buy direct from the web hosting company but the reseller gets a cut if customers mention the reseller's name. They also offer different reseller webhosting packages.

The reseller acts as a marketer for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller as being with the actual web hosting company. People buy the service from the reseller but all further contact they have is direct with the web hosting company.

The reseller appears to be a web hosting company in his own right, handling sales and support.

A customer buys web space from the reseller who buys web space from the actual web hosting company. Customers contact the reseller for support.

TheReseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHosting purchases a large chunk of web space and bandwidths from the web hosting company and can then carve that into individual chunks of space/bandwidth for sale to customers. Customers contact the reseller for support.

If we buy a reseller web hosting plan it is both advantageous and disadvantageous

  • we can have more flexibility with our web hosting accounts.
  • we can save money.
  • we can earn more revenue at little cost to ourself.
  • we can focus on customer support and leave technical support to our web our web host, not us, absorbs server maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of reseller hosting:

  • Our service is only as good as our upstream provider. If the server is frequently down, for example, we may lose clients.
  • If we ever have to change web hosts, the move will be an inconvenience for our clients as well as for ourself.When we purchase a web hosting reseller account we are asked to choose reseller hosting program. Some provide hosting reseller on Linux and some on windows.
Some hosting resellers provide cheap reseller hosting plan. Hosting reseller companies also provides CPanel. Web hosting reseller show out their names to the customers with out letting them know the original name of the company.

About resell market

Reseller web hosting can be low cost way to earn high profits online. Reseller hosting programs will allow users to lease their servers, bandwidth, and connections while branding the goods as their own.
Many resellers are similar to affiliates, and are paid based on how many customers they sign up every month. The difference between affiliate programs and cheap reseller hosting services is that resellers continue to be paid each month for every client they sign up, whereas affiliate programs are generally paid a one time commission.
The first thing we will want to do if we plan on becoming a reseller is to decide what products or services we want to sell.
If we are interested in web hosting, most aspects of this service can be resold. Products for web hosting include servers, connections, and e commerce stores. Most hosting companies like to allow resellers to handle as much as possible so they can concentrate on running the business.
Many of these hosting firms will also provide consultation to resellers. Cheap reseller hosting is a profitable business model for those who understand it. Once we've decided what products we want to sell, the next thing we want to do is choose the right reseller hosting company.
There are thousands of reseller programs online, and it is best to go with companies which are established.

  • If the company promises to pay us high commisions, it is better to go with established companies. These firms have experience dealing with products and clients.
  • If we are starting our first reseller hosting business, it may be a good idea to start with clients who are working on a smaller budget. Many of these clients will not require high end services, and our products can be tailored towards them.
  • When we are just starting out, we don't want to overextend ourself. If we plan on running a larger company, targeting upscale clients would be a good idea.

Choosing a reseller plan

As the web hosting industry continues to boom, many small firms resell backbone web hosting packages under their own private labels.
Thousands of companies resell hosting packages to consumers, providing specialty services and their own expert support.
Backbone web hosts are happy to provide small firms the tools and discounts necessary to resell their web hosting plans. This allows the backbone providers to gain customers they normally wouldn't have had, and the resellers to succeed by earning significant profits.
The discounted plans can be quite impressive, in some cases up to 50% less than the normal cost to direct backbone customers. Depending on which additional features our firm provides such as web design, specialized advice, or other types of services we can set the price accordingly.
Resellers are often considered individuals who have multiple domains and wish to receive discounts by hosting several of them at a single hosting provider.
If we are planning to resell web hosting packages, there are certain things we'll want to prepare for. First, a reliable provider is key factor for successful reselling.

Most hosts will require us to provide customer technical support so it's wise to ensure we have the necessary time or staff to handle this.

As a reseller, our web host will provide us online administration tools, however we will be responsible for using these tools online. Many hosting companies also offer resellers more advanced tools than they provide to general users.

As a reseller we can sell the following types of services under our own private-label:
General web site hosting
Virtual storefront hosting
Dedicated Server hosting
Co-located server hosting
Additional portal services